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Robert Griffin III on Cousins: It's not a competition

Every once in a while, Robert Griffin III sits down for a long interview with

We're usually too lazy to watch it and transcribe it, but Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog is not that lazy. And he uncovered a few fun sound bites from Griffin's weekend interview. We love how blunt Griffin is when describing his relationship with fellow rookie Kirk Cousins.

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"With Kirk, it's fine. They brought me in for a reason," Griffin said. "We all know they brought me in to be the starter, and I plan to be the starter, and they brought him in for a reason as well. He knows that.

"And it's not a competition. Let's just go ahead and say that. But we're cool. ... We work out together, we were roommates for rookie minicamp, so there's no conflict there."

There's no sense for Griffin to call it a competition when the Redskins already have made him the starter. Cousins has an uphill battle to supplant Rex Grossman as the team's backup, at least this year.

In unrelated news, Griffin says he plans to make beignets for his offensive linemen. (Both Griffin's parents are from New Orleans.) In related news to the unrelated news, beignets are awesome.

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