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Robert Griffin III not interested in Kim Kardashian

We now have living, breathing proof that Robert Griffin III is one of the NFL's more cerebral young passers.

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You might recall how the Washington Redskins rookie narrowly avoided the claws of one of our nation's more troubling man-eaters. When Kim Kardashian spotted RG3 at a live taping of "30 Rock" in April, she zoned in on him.

Jack Burditt, the show's executive producer, told "The Rich Eisen Podcast" that he wanted to tell Kardashian: "You stay away from him. This is a nice young man."

Naturally, the topic came up when RG3 appeared on Eisen's podcast via telephone on Tuesday. RG3 -- who's engaged -- laughed off the matter and made it clear he has zero interest in courting the minx.

"I heard the Kim Kardashian story and she was there and I guess that's all I could say about that," RG3 said. "There is no there, there. So people can calm down, don't worry."

The Redskins have drafted an intelligent young man.

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