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Robert Griffin III not giving up Nike swoosh rebellion?


This Robert Griffin III character is deadly serious about brand loyalty.

During on-field warmups prior to the Washington Redskins' season opener, Griffin -- who is endorsed by adidas -- used felt marker to obscure the iconic Nike swoosh logo on his long-sleeved T-shirt. To be exact, he wrote "HEART" on the shirt, the "H" blacking out the logo.

Following that amusing fashion choice, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told that the league would speak with Griffin and assured "it won't happen again."

On Sunday, Griffin covered the swoosh entirely with a plain gray T-shirt. An effective, if not subtle, audible. We reached out to McCarthy again, to find out if RG3 had run afoul of the rules. McCarthy replied, "No, no story here."

So there you have it. RG3 is a master of corporate one-upmanship. Somehow I think Phil Knight will get past this with his dignity and bank account intact.

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