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Robert Griffin III learns NFL's 'deep, dark secrets'

This is not your average morning at the NFL offices. 26 rookies were roaming the halls for an hour, with a heavy security presence escorting them everywhere. (To keep riff-raff like myself away.)

Some of the rookies took a visit to the officiating command center, which is down the hall from me. It's where the league reviews every play every week to see what hits could be worthy of discipline. (Fun!) The rookies were transfixed a floor above later, staring at the display of the Vince Lombardi trophy in our sixth-floor lobby.

The centerpiece of the visit is a closed door visit with Commissioner Roger Goodell. We caught Robert Griffin III leaving the session and asked how his visit with Goodell went.

"It went good. Got some deep, dark secrets on the NFL," Griffin said with a big smile.  (You can guess the secrets in the comments below.)

We also saw USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil leaving the session despite being under the weather. We hear that he has strep throat, but he's playing in pain by doing all the media activities with the league Wednesday. It sounds like he's sitting out the pre-draft party circuit while he's in town.

We'll have more from ATL correspondent Dan Hanzus on the rookies' morning in a bit. It's an exciting day here in New York. After all, pre-draft hype and speculation is almost over.

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