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Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck aren't 'Magic & Bird'

Let's admit it: We all want Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck to become the "Magic & Bird" of the NFL.

The background is already in place. Two highly accomplished college players. One black, one white. Both taken at the top of the draft. Each tasked with revitalizing once-proud franchises.

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It's an exciting narrative, no doubt, but these things have to happen organically. So while it's fun to imagine RG3 watching Luck play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, pen and yellow legal pad in hand, the truth is much more mundane.

"I didn't watch the game last night," Griffin said Monday. "Not for any particular reason, you would think you could try to scout their defense through the TV copy but it's extremely hard. So I took the time to relax and watch a movie."

Griffin said he and Luck have known each other since high school, and they text with each other occasionally about opposing defenses. But there haven't been many actual conversations since the draft. Each rookie has a huge task in front of them, and this leaves precious time for long-distance friendship building.

"We tell each other good luck in our careers and moved on from there. He's trying to lead his team, I'm trying to lead my team," he said. "I will never truly get to face Andy because he doesn't play defense so that's the one thing I've always said and that's the one thing I'll continue to say so I look forward to playing the Colts' defense."

Technically speaking, Griffin is right. But Tom Brady and Peyton Manning never directly faced off either, and their rivalry was regarded as the best of the last decade. Griffin and Luck can be tied together the same way, but these things take time.

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