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Rob Ryan will not run St. Louis Rams' defense after all

Remember when Rob Ryan agreed to be the St. Louis Rams' defensive coordinator? Well, about that ...

The Rams announced Tuesday morning that Ryan will not run their defense in 2013.

"After extensive conversations regarding defensive philosophy, the Rams and Rob Ryan agreed he was not the right fit for the club's defensive coordinator position," executive vice president of football operations Kevin Demoff told the team website. "The Rams will continue the interview process with the club's other candidates."

The Rams seemed poised to add Ryan to an already strong defense that led the NFL with 52 sacks. Ryan's boisterous persona, however, can rub some people the wrong way. He proclaimed that he'd be out of a job for "like five minutes" when the Dallas Cowboysfired him earlier this month.

No details were given, but Ryan does prefer a 3-4 scheme to the Rams' 4-3. That could have been the difference in philosophy, but it's odd the team didn't deny reports last week that Ryan had been hired, now calling them premature. It appears something changed in the last five days.

The Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints are the other teams still searching for a defensive coordinator. Ryan's five minutes might turn into much more if he can't make a late push for one of those two jobs.

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