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Rob Ryan: Rex's 'embarrassing' comments 'all about the family'

This will come as a surprise to nobody who breathes: One of the Ryan brothers is still talking.

This time around, it's Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who couldn't help but notice the awkward brinksmanship of brother Rex Ryan with the Chargers this week. Rex Ryan told reporters that if San Diego had hired him instead of Norv Turner in 2007 -- two years before Rex Ryan took over the Jets -- he'd have a couple of Super Bowl rings on his fingers by now.

Yes, of course you would, Rex.

"Let me tell you something, that whole comment there is about multiplicity," Rob Ryan told The Dallas Morning News. "Rex is constantly using that multiple-ring thing, multiple-ring this, multiple-ring that.

"The simple fact is it had nothing to do with Norv Turner. I coached with Norv. Norv is a great coach and a good man. He's done obviously a great job in San Diego.

"The multiplicity thing is really ring envy. It's ring envy. His twin brother has two rings, his dad has three rings, he only has one, so you can see the multiplicity thing. It's embarrassing, because it's all about the family. It's a sibling rivalry, and Norv got in the way of a sibling rivalry."

So, yes, it's Norv's fault. Norv got in the way. Not even insults directed at Norv are about Norv -- they're about the Ryans. Here's something else about the Ryans: For all of their Super Bowl rings, not one has been earned as head coach of a team.

But you wouldn't know that listening to them tell it.

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