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Rob Ryan gets no Pats help from Rex: 'He hasn't called me back'

Rob Ryan held his tongue in advance of Sunday's meeting with New England, but we can assume the Cowboys defensive coordinator has gleaned Patriots-related wisdom from his brother, Rex. Right?


"Hell, he hasn't called me back," Rob told The Dallas Morning News of the New York Jets coach. "I think he has his own things going on out there."

Correct on that account, as Rex and his team wade through a forest of internal drama. Besides, Rob's not looking for anyone to rescue him against the forces of Bill Belichick -- especially after the Jets were scattered by the Patriots last Sunday.

"If you need more help from another coach, you've got the wrong coach here," Rob said. "And like I told you guys when I first got here, you've got the right guy here, and I'm looking to prove it this week."

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