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Rob Gronkowski wears his 'Sorry for Partying' apology

We know this much: Rob Gronkowski is listening.

The New England Patriots tight end has caught heat this offseason for his well-advertised tendency to wreak havoc off the field. As you know, the 23-year-old (sounding not unlike the vast majority of 23-year-olds on the planet) likes to dance, utter his share of vapid thoughts -- and imbibe spirits in the night.

Maybe you're not down with his game plan, but Gronk is Gronk -- and he isn't completely tone deaf to the chatter.

Patriots fan Tarah Maciel sent us the photo at right of Gronk -- sporting a "Sorry for Partying" tank top -- outside a pizza parlor at Universal Studios in Orlando.

Some are in a panic over Gronk's excesses, but Patriots veteran left guard Logan Mankins said it best, labeling his teammate a lovable "meathead" who enjoys a mix of mirth and football.

As long as football comes first, the Patriots appear fine with the extracurricular frenzy.

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