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Ridiculousness abounds on 'Top 100: Players of 2012'

There will be a lot of ridiculous aspects to NFL Network's "The Top 100: Players of 2012" list, which comes out over the next few months. All rankings are subjective, and comparing players across positions is almost impossible.

And let's be real: Current NFL players aren't necessarily the best options to evaluate the league as a whole. They're too busy playing to watch every team on Sundays.

With that said, there won't be anything more ridiculous on the list than one part of Saturday's show. Nope, not Mr. Tebow, who also didn't make sense at No. 95 (that's another post). We're talking about Green Bay Packers fullback John Kuhn, your No. 92 player in the NFL.


» Tony Romo finished in the top five in passing touchdowns and passer rating. He was No. 91.

» Cortland Finnegan just came off one of his best seasons and signed for more guaranteed money than any cornerback in NFL history. He was No. 93.

» Kuhn, who's probably a league-average starting fullback, ranked No. 92.

The guys at ProFootballFocus watch the tape and grade every play all season. Their methods and rankings aren't perfect, but they are very instructive. They have done the work. Kuhn ranked 21st out of a possible 29 fullbacks in 2011.

If NFL general managers were having an all-league draft, would Kuhn be in the top 500 picks? 1000?

Kuhn is a great role player for the Packers. We can see why he's a fan favorite. But it's hard to put any value into a list that puts Kuhn between standouts like Romo and Finnegan.

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