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Richard Sherman trade chatter: Which team would provide best fit?

Since 2011, no one has picked off more passes in the NFL than Richard Sherman (30). And now, it appears the talented -- if occasionally controversial -- cornerback could potentially be had via trade, with Seattle coach Pete Carroll recently acknowledging that the Seahawks have discussed Sherman with other teams.

The price obviously would have to be right for Seattle to move the three-time All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowler, even in light of Sherman's relatively bumpy 2016. And it's noteworthy that Carroll said, "I don't see anything happening at all." Still, if we assume Sherman is indeed on the block, which team should trade for him?

Richard Sherman is a great talent, but he's also played in the ideal system throughout his entire career, having spent all six of his NFL seasons with Seattle. He's not a lockdown corner, so he would need to go to a team that understands his unique skill set. The Los Angeles Chargers make a lot of sense. They just hired a defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley, who was Seattle's defensive coordinator when Sherman came into the NFL. They also have huge needs in the secondary, both at cornerback and safety. Add in the fact that Sherman grew up in Los Angeles and it makes this trade even more logical. He'd make the Chargers better from the moment he stepped onto the field. I can see five teams potentially making a move for Richard Sherman:

**1) New England:** If the 
trade Malcolm Butler to the Saints, Sherman would serve as a top-tier replacement. Bill Belichick has shown that he's not afraid to take on big personalities like Sherman if it means helping the team win. 
**2) New Orleans:** If, however, New England holds on to Butler, Sherman could be a good fallback option for the 
Saints. New Orleans and Seattle have done business before, pulling off the 
Jimmy Graham blockbuster two years ago. 
**3) Miami:** Executive vice president of football operations Mike Tannenbaum loves bold moves (think of the 2015 signing of Ndamukong Suh), and Miami could use an upgrade at corner. 
**4) Indianapolis:** The 
Colts are looking for defensive help and reshaping their roster under new general manager Chris Ballard. Sherman and 
Vontae Davis would make a nice cornerback pairing. 
**5) Philadelphia:** After the 
Eagles addressed their issues at receiver in free agency with the singings of 
Alshon Jeffery and 
Torrey Smith, the biggest problem area on the roster is cornerback. 

The team I want to see trade for Richard Sherman is the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas will give him the stage to continue to be the star that he is while also being on a team that plays to his strengths. The Cowboys play a lot of man-to-man coverage yet mix in zone. He's one of the best ballhawking corners that we've seen in some time, and the Cowboys will give him the opportunity to make plays and be the leader their secondary needs. I don't want to see Sherman leave Seattle, but for the sake of this debate, I think the Raiders would be a good fit. Sherman knows the scheme and the Raiders need help in the secondary. It's a perfect set up. Richard Sherman is smart, tough and knows how to work. Given any situation, I think he'll comply with what any head coach demands. Pete Carroll gives Sherman more verbal freedom, but I've never seen anything out of the veteran cornerback that leads me to believe he wouldn't respect the authority of a more restrictive head coach. Sherman isn't a problem. He's a gift. And that's the way his talent and leadership are perceived in this league.

I think Atlanta should trade for him. The Falcons have some young talent in the secondary, but Sherman would be an immediate upgrade. Teams might want to be careful about trading for Richard Sherman. Beyond his personality -- which we know can be disruptive -- he needs to be in a system where the cornerbacks press and play zone most of the time. I would be very surprised if a team were to give Seattle a first-round pick for him.

That includes the Raiders, though I think they'd be the best match for him. I believe Sherman needs to be with a winner, and he's an upgrade over Oakland cornerback Sean Smith. Plus, if you're the Seahawks, you want to trade him out of the NFC. Again, though, I don't see the Raiders coughing up a first-rounder. The Titans are an exciting young team on the brink of wresting control away from the Texans in the AFC South. While the offense emerged as one of the league's most explosive units for a two-month stretch before Marcus Mariota's season-ending injury, the defense lacks a playmaker in the secondary and a lockdown cover specialist at cornerback. Sherman would not only offer an impact talent, but would also bring Super Bowl chops to an organization with precious little in the way of playoff experience. With an extra first-round draft pick this season, the Titans are one of the few teams with the ammo to make the Seahawks think hard about parting with a franchise legend.

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