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Richard Sherman: Roddy White a product of his system

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman made some waves this week when he said on ESPN that Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was an "easy matchup."

Sherman didn't back off his comments about White when he sat down with Around The League on Friday.

"His strengths are in their system, within their system," Sherman said on the "ATL Debate Club" podcast. "His strengths aren't his own.

"Julio Jones' strengths are his own. Julio Jones is a dynamic playmaker. It doesn't matter what scheme he's playing in, he's going to play well. If he's out wide, if he's in the slot, he's going to present problems. Roddy can present problems for certain people, but he's a product."

Let the record state that White has averaged 96 receptions per season over the past five years. He also hauled in a 47-yard touchdown catch (with Sherman falling behind him) in Atlanta's 30-28 win in the divisional playoffs.

Sherman has an explanation.

"During that game, for example, the play where he caught the touchdown, the touchdown wasn't really on me to tell the truth," he said. "But I'm not going to throw a teammate under the bus, because I'm not that kind of player. If that's what you guys want to say, I'll take it."

(A study of the coaches film shows Sherman is correct. Safety Kam Chancellor was late to provide help over the top.)

Sherman believes the Falcons bring White down tight to the formation because he'd struggle in press coverage against -- as Sherman puts it -- "the big bad corners of Seattle."

"Julio's gonna stand outside those numbers and go to work," Sherman said. "Roddy would have a problem standing outside those numbers and going to work on us."

In case you're wondering, the Seahawks will travel to Atlanta to face the Falcons next season. It should be fun.

Listen to Sherman's full interview on the "ATL Debate Club" with the media player above. Follow Dan Hanzus on Twitter @DanHanzus.

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