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Richard Sherman of Seahawks on Tom Brady tiff

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got his chance on Monday to respond to Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's postgame rants after the Seahawks' 24-23 win. Brady laudably took the high road.

Early Tuesday morning, Sherman explained the whole kerfuffle on "NFL AM."

"We didn't have any conversation before the game; it was during the game that the conversation actually happened," Sherman said on NFL Network. "During the game, I think it was 23-10 at the point, and it was a TV timeout and we were all standing over there, and you know a small, little conversation was had."

Sherman said that his teammate Earl Thomas told Brady, "I could have got you on two of those, I dropped two and I could have got you two."

At that point, Sherman says Brady "Looked up at the scoreboard and looks back at us like, 'Man talk to me after the game, talk to me after we close this game out.'

"It was one of those things that Newton's third law of motion applies. It's one of those things where every action has an equal or greater reaction and that is kinda what this deal came down to."

There are so many reasons to applaud Sherman here. First, he got up to appear on-air at 5 a.m. PT and sounded coherent. Second, he broke out Newton's third law of motion. Sherman even gave Brady his due.

"I have great deal of respect for everything Tom Brady has done in his career, his Super Bowls, MVPs, he's a tremendous player, he's done a lot of great things," Sherman said.

Sherman's postgame comments have distracted from the breakout game for the second-year pro. While he was the only Seattle secondary starter not to make the Pro Bowl last year, we'd argue that Sherman is playing better than any of them this season.

No secondary is more physical or talented than Seattle's group. Whether you like his delivery or not, that's the message Sherman was trying to hammer home on Sunday.

He can speak loudly again Thursday night against the San Francisco 49ers.

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