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Richard Sherman: 'No new wrinkles' to defend Broncos

Richard Sherman called Michael Crabtree mediocre. He has the opposite feelings about Peyton Manning.

"His numbers speak for themselves," Sherman said at Tuesday's Super Bowl Media Day. "He's a living legend. He's been a living legend for years."

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback said a great like Manning is always going to make plays.

"If you pull your hair out over every play he makes, you have a long day ahead of you," Sherman said. "Any time you get mad about things like that or get angry, it'll be hard for you to consistently play well. So our defense has to be consistently patient to overcome adversity, and we've done that all season."

Sherman confirmed he will play the left side -- as usual -- during Super Bowl XLVIII and not shadow Demaryius Thomas.

The third-year defensive back said not to expect any new schemes from the Seahawks' defense.

"We don't vary or disguise coverage on anybody," Sherman said. "We play a pretty simple defense; for the most part you know what we are going to do every play. And you got to line up and play it and I think that is how we have been all season. This is the last game of the season -- there is no time to change it now. No new wrinkles for us."

The Seahawks' No. 1 defense will line up against the Denver Broncos' historic No. 1 offense.

Sherman added a Muhammad Ali-esque title for the matchup:

"The Fight Under The Big Lights."

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