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Richard Sherman: N.Y. Jets' Darrelle Revis 'irrelevant'

The trade winds are swirling around New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, and the San Francisco 49ers have been mentioned as a team that could -- potentially, maybe, maybe not, probably not -- make a good partner.

Revis in the NFC West? Of course, All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman was bound to be questioned about the prospect of welcoming the man he recently had a Twitter feud with into the same division.

"It'd be fun either way," Sherman told 710 ESPN in Seattle when asked about Revis playing for the 49ers. "There's always a rivalry there. I still wouldn't get to play against him directly, so it really wouldn't matter to me. I'm sure our receivers would have a little fun with him. I don't mind either way. He's really irrelevant in my mind."

Sherman almost made it through a whole paragraph without taking a shot at Revis. So close.

The Seattle Seahawks star's original assessment was correct. The two won't go head to head, but as their tweef displayed, that wouldn't necessarily remove the drama.

Sherman's comment about the Seahawks receivers having "a little fun" with Revis is more blasphemous. With all due respect to Golden Tate, Sidney Rice and Doug Baldwin, a healthy Revis has shut down far more illustrious receivers.

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