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Richard Sherman apologizes for postgame rant

Richard Sherman's large-scale evisceration of Michael Crabtree on Sunday night made the Seahawks cornerback the most popular watercooler subject in America.

Sherman didn't exactly back down in subsequent interviews, on Twitter or in his own column. But Monday brought some distance -- and a fresh perspective -- for the All-Pro.


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"I apologize for attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates," Sherman told ESPN's Ed Werder. "That was not my intent."

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll later offered his own take on Sherman's instantly iconic interview with Fox's Erin Andrews.

"This is a very emotional kid, and this is what drives him," Carroll said Monday. "And I understand that. We did sit down and talk about it because I want him to present himself in his best light. He's an incredible kid. ... So when he puts out those kind of thoughts he has to know what he's saying and understand."

"I think he's very understanding at this point he caused a stir that took something away from the club."

Sherman has made himself the story of Super Bowl week. He can apologize from now until Feb. 2, but do you really think he'd take back anything if he could? This is the stage he's always wanted.

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