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Richard Seymour: Raiders coach Dennis Allen has 'it'

Richard Seymour is on his third coach in four seasons with the Oakland Raiders. He played under one of the all-time greats on the New England Patriots. So he's in as good a position as any veteran player in the NFL to assess coaching talent.

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"Some coaches just have the 'it factor,' and Dennis Allen has it. I can't stress enough about everyone being on the same page," Seymour told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on NFL SiriusXM Radio on Monday.

Seymour is a straight shooter. We don't think this is a case of a veteran player knowing where his bread is buttered. Seymour has made too much money and accomplished too much to feel the need to kiss the ring of a first-time head coach making a fraction of his salary.

Allen is an intense individual who has caused a lot of folks around the NFL to believe he has "it." John Fox believed Allen had "it," so he plucked him from the New Orleans Saints to join the Denver Broncos. Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie thought Allen has "it," so he hired him over plenty of former Green Bay Packers whom McKenzie previously had worked with.

It's been a while since the Raiders truly nailed it hiring a head coach. That was Jon Gruden in 1998, another young, unknown assistant who built a name around the league because he had "it."

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