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RG3: Redskins' fumble-touchdown was 'by design'

The play was ridiculous in itself. Robert Griffin III burst around the left end on an option and rushed for 12 yards. As the Washington Redskins quarterback went down, New York Giants safety Stevie Brown knocked the ball loose. It took an odd deflection out of Griffin's hands and floated straight to Redskins receiver Josh Morgan, who snatched it out the air and ran 13 more yards down the sideline for a touchdown.

The Redskins explanation was just as absurd.

"Basically it was an option play," Morgan told the Washington Post. "I just kept my pitch relationship on the option. It didn't work out exactly how we planned it in school. But basically, the result, it was the same.

"I saw the follow-through with the arms. He threw a perfect chest-pass pitch, and it ended up working out."

Morgan could barely keep a straight-face during that answer. RG3 tried to sell the same story that no one was buying.

"It was totally by design," Griffin said. "I knew Josh was going to be there ready for that touchdown, so that's what we did."

Morgan did carry out the option downfield. We'll give him credit for that. But anyone who believes that was a conscience pitch should see me about an exclusive time-share investment

"I was really proud there," said coach Mike Shanahan after the Redskins'17-16 win on Monday night. "I can't believe he fumbled that one ball to Josh. Everybody thought that was an accident, but he's worked on that during the week."

Shanahan couldn't even hold in a laugh afterward. The play was like banking in a free throw, you'll take the end result but no one does it on purpose.

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