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RG3 might run next week for Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III's recovery from reconstructive knee surgery has been covered like no other. Presidents have spoken with him. Released statements have been parsed for hidden meaning. And eventually we'll know the exact moment when the Washington Redskins quarterback starts running again.

According to Griffin's dad, that moment will arrive in the next week. The Washington Post reported Monday that Griffin is expecting to receive clearance to run on the field again over the next week.

"He's been running in the pool, and some on the treadmill," Griffin Jr. said. "But they're just about ready to take it out on the field."

Griffin has been careful to say that he won't jeopardize his long-term future in order to play Week 1 for the Redskins. It's anyone's guess if that will happen, even if RG3 really does have superhuman abilities.

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