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Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson at odds over 'Hard Knocks'?

Rex Ryan's first big showdown of 2012 might come against his team's owner.

A report from's Adam Schein indicates Ryan and New York Jets owner Woody Johnson are at odds about possibly participating in HBO's "Hard Knocks" this year.

The NFL Films production was at its most entertaining (and highly rated) when it chronicled Ryan's second training camp with the Jets in 2010. Rex laudably wants to tone down the circus-like atmosphere that often surrounds his team. Johnson often seems overly focused on the Jets' image and winning the publicity war against the New York Giants.

The disagreement won't help change the perception that Johnson is more interested in attention than winning a title. There was some belief in New York that the Jets' "apology" contract for Mark Sanchez was partly driven by Johnson's desire for positive public relations. The moves to acquire Brett Favre and Tim Tebow smacked of seeking headlines.

With all that said, we hope Johnson wins this tug of war. The Jets would have made for great television even before Tebowmania hit town. Tebow's former team, the Denver Broncos, reportedly already have turned down an offer to do the show.

If the Jets also turn down the show, it sounds like NFL Films has a game plan. Schein says "Hard Knocks" is interested in featuring both the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, with a focus on the Harbaugh brothers.

Getting two teams for the price of one would be a great consolation prize if the Jets pass. Something tells me Jim Harbaugh's language behind closed doors could rival anything Rex says.

(Even if there are fewer snack breaks involved.)

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