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Rex Ryan's undisciplined Bills beat Titans with attitude

In a game that will keep Rex Ryan blustery for one more week, the Bills managed to edge the Titans 14-13. Here's what we learned ...

  1. This Bills team is dreadfully undisciplined and still a bit scattershot, but man, do they have attitude. The final Titans drive began and ended with a brutal Marcell Dareus hit on Marcus Mariota and an even more intense hit on the intended wide receiver that led to a decisive pick by Stephon Gilmore.
  1. When Mariota came out of college, the worry was that Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt wouldn't be able to incorporate enough of Chip Kelly's system into his offense to make the No. 2 overall pick worthwhile. But maybe it was Kelly who wasn't incorporating enough Darrell Bevell at Oregon. The Titans are picking their spots to use Mariota's legs extremely well this season. While he drastically under threw a potentially big pass in the first half of Sunday's game, there were moments when a very good Bills defense was flummoxed -- just not enough of them. Keep in mind that he's basically doing this on his own. On Sunday, he was the Titans' leading rusher and passer.
  1. Tyrod Taylor did not have a great game statistically, but emotionally, his ability to come back from a serious hit, miss one play and then nail Chris Hogan on a 46-yard rope to set up the game-winning touchdown. On that drive, he also caught a trick pass in traffic. It's unbelievable how criminally overlooked Taylor was over the years given the absolute lack of quality starters.
  1. After the game, Whisenhunt said that the Titans are close. This is what a coach is supposed to say, but given the absolute train wreck the team has been in recent years, we're starting to actually believe him. This is not the same awful Titans team from the year before, even if the record ends up being just a few games better. If they can close out games against the Dolphins, Saints, Jaguars and Texans coming up, he'll be able to show and not tell.
  1. This might have been a top-five game from Dick LeBeau. He's not working with a lot right now, but he loves to ratchet up the intensity against Ryan, a coach who is trying to scrub out LeBeau's legacy when it comes to the well-timed zone blitz.
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