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Rex Ryan on Mark Sanchez's pick six: 'I never saw it'

Peter King was stationed down south covering the Carolina Panthers when he heard the news:

After an offseason's worth of breathless hyperbole and over-analysis, the New York Jets' quarterback competition opened in earnest Friday night with a 26-17 loss to the Detroit Lions.

Mark Sanchez, who started the game, would be wise to wipe from his memory the aforementioned pick six by Lions rookie pass rusher Ziggy Ansah. Besides, Sanchez's coach didn't even witness the ugliness.

Quizzed about Sanchez's interception, Rex Ryan told reporters, per ESPN New York, "I never saw it. I caught the tail end of it."

Diving into his defense this season, Ryan had little to offer on the subject of the Jets' quarterback duel. Asked about rookie Geno Smith's debut, Rex had no more to say than your average housewife in Hackensack.

"I had my own issues on the other side, so I never really focused a whole lot while he was in there," Ryan said. "We'll see it on tape. You probably saw more plays than I did."

A surprising admission by Ryan. Yes, he's handed off the Jets' attack to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, but it's hard to conceive Ryan completely ignoring his quarterback situation. Especially the first career NFL snaps from Smith, whom many see as the future of the franchise.

Ryan, try as he might, can't wash his hands of the Jets' offense. It won't work. His job is tied to how Sanchez and Smith perform this season. Ryan would be wise to watch closely.

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