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Rex Ryan: N.Y. Jets' QB decision always a group one

New York Jets general manager John Idzik made it clear Saturday that he will have a substantial role in choosing the team's quarterback this season.

The comments provided a not-so-subtle hint at the shift in power dynamics within the organization. More specifically, it was a telling sign that Rex Ryan's grip on personnel matters has loosened.

When Ryan was asked about Idzik's comments Sunday in soggy Cortland, N.Y., the coach downplayed them.

"I think the big thing is, you guys are making a mountain out of a molehill, to be honest with you," Ryan said. "Because ever since I've been here -- this is my fifth year here -- not one decision has been made by one man. Not one decision. It's always a group effort on what is best for this team. If I misspoke or whatever or misled in any shape or form, that's it."

When Mark Sanchez was benched in favor of Greg McElroy last December, Ryan said the decision was his and his alone. On Sunday, Ryan provided some historical tweaking on that subject.

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"No, I just thought why put it on somebody else," Ryan explained. "That way, you can ask one person. But at no time was that ever just my decision. It was always a Jet decision. I just figured instead of everybody harping on whoever and somebody wanted to throw arrows, they would be launched at me."

Ryan chose to tap dance rather than acknowledge Idzik's growing influence in the organization. It's another example of the change we've seen in Ryan, whose bluster has been replaced by ambivalence.

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