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Rex Ryan: LeBron James can play tight end for us if he wants

A third NBA championship is proving quite elusive for LeBron James. Down 0-2 to the Warriors in the finals, a third ring doesn't seem likely this year ... but what about a Super Bowl ring?

Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan extended a warm invitation for James to join the frigid city on their quest for the Vince Lombardi trophy in the upcoming season. Ryan doesn't pretend to be a basketball expert, joking with reporters that he only recently learned that each team has just five players on the court rather than six. But he does know what makes for a great tight end.

"That big 'ole rascal can play tight end for us if he wants to," Ryan said, regarding James. "I think it would work out well."

LeBron would be a welcome addition to Buffalo's offensive roster. The average Bills tight end stands about 6-foot-4 and weighs around 250 pounds. LeBron at 6-foot-8 would tower over defenders, making him one of the biggest threats on the field.

"I mean you look at him, he is physical ... look at the range," Ryan said. "No way you can cover him. There is no way you could cover him."

Ryan acknowledges the NBA star would have to "take a step back" in terms of payment, but joked the team will "give it a shot."

And I'm sure the Bills wouldn't mind having a King in their midst.

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