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Rex Ryan: Holmes' job is Jets receiver, not coordinator

Rex Ryan has pledged to have a better connection with his team this season. A good starting point will be keeping tabs on his most volatile player.

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The New York Jets are in the tricky opening stages of their grand Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow experiment at quarterback. It's a sensitive issue for the team, but that didn't stop Santonio Holmes from sharing his doubts about the setup during an appearance on NFL Network this month.

For a franchise praying the lavishly compensated Holmes will be a good soldier after last season's circus, it was not a promising sign.

"Well, I understand what Holmes is saying, you know Tone's talking about a guy ... (the starting quarterback) has to get a feel and all that kind of stuff," Ryan told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio on Thursday. "But I brought Santonio in here to be a receiver, not to be the offensive coordinator. And that's the way it is.

"I love Santonio, but if I wanted to hire him as our offensive coordinator, we would've."

Offensive coordinator is now Tony Sparano's gig, and it will be his responsibility to make the Sanchez/Tebow pairing work. Sparano told Paolantonio "every player is entitled to their own opinion" and said he believes the relationship with Holmes will be "a good one."

Jets games should just be listed under the "drama" section of your DVR at this point.

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