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Rex Ryan gets a taste of Tebowmania on the road

Rex Ryan knows that Tim Tebow isn't your average backup quarterback. But Ryan can't really understand Tebowmania until he experiences it from the inside. That didn't take long.

Ryan was at a restaurant in Baton Rouge, La., on Wednesday night before the LSU pro day. Shortly after the Tebow trade was finalized, two patrons at the restaurant "Tebowed" in front of Ryan.

The Jets coach told Larry Holder of that he's not worried about the attention Tebow will receive in New York.

"He'll fit right in with the guys we already have," Ryan said.

Antonio Cromartie might disagree. Mark Sanchez also has a lot on his plate with Tebow arriving in town.

"Mark is our starting quarterback. There's no doubt about it. Will we have some things for Tebow each week? Absolutely," Ryan said. "I look at it this way. We're incredibly fortunate to have a couple of quarterbacks with playoff wins. Obviously, both have been fairly successful."

Ryan spoke to Tebow a few times, and the former Broncos quarterback is excited to be a Jet.

"Why wouldn't you be? You're coming to the New York Jets," Ryan said.

Ryan might be the rare coach that is excited by the fact the circus is coming to town with Tebow.

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