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Rex hopes Rob gets his chance, but Jets coach says he's best

Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said recently he'd be a better head coach than his twin brother, Rex Ryan, if given the chance.

If you missed this, it's because Rob Ryan doesn't stop talking ... ever. Useless information overload isn't just understandable, it's expected.

As you might have guessed, Rob's little sound byte found its way to the Jets' coach. Rex was asked what he thought about his brother's opinion during his Thursday press conference.

"Hopefully one day we get to find out," Rex said with a smirk.

Rex was complimentary of Rob but also clearly enjoyed the opportunity to throw some barbs back toward Big D.

"At the end of the day, he's not going to be quite as good as his brother," Rex said. "All I'm doing is basing it on facts. When we were kids, my batting average was a little higher than his. Now, the only thing he's got on me is probably test score, academic test score, but other than that I think pretty much from an athletic standpoint, I think I've always been able to be just a little bit better."

Something tells us Rob Ryan will return volley on this one. He's probably running his fingers through those glorious salt-and-pepper locks as we speak, searching his brain for the perfect burn. Good luck, big man.

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