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Report: Redskins already out on Peyton Manning chase

Daniel Snyder might want Peyton Manning, but that doesn't mean he can have him.

The Redskins are on the hunt for a quarterback, and a healthy Manning represents the best option on the free-agent market since, well, ever. It makes sense why Snyder, the Redskins' free-spending owner, would want him badly.

But according to Chris Russell, the Redskins beat reporter for ESPN 980-AM, it's not happening.

"A couple of different sources inside the organization have told me that Manning's camp made it pretty clear to Redskins officials he doesn't want to come here," Russell said Thursday on ESPN's "SportsCenter," via "… There's lots of reasons for that. His brother Eli, the colder weather, the whole situation down in Miami and so on and so forth. But unless that changes -- and I'm taking my sources at their word -- I don't think Manning's coming here to D.C."

NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk -- a former teammate of Manning's in Indy -- stated emphatically on Wednesday that Manning will never play in the same conference, let alone division, as his brother.

"We need to see a Manning Super Bowl, that's what they want, this family wants it," said Faulk, who shares the same first name as one of Manning's sons. "He will not upstage his brother and knock him out of going to the Super Bowl by being in the NFC."

In other words, don't hold your breath, 'Skins fans. On the bright side, the John Beck/Rex Grossman tag team can still be yours at a veryreasonable price.

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