Report: NFL prepared for action against T-shirt company

The NFL will step in and pursue legal action against the maker of the "My Jesus" T-shirt if the company refuses to halt production, a league source told on Sunday.

Darlington: Another Tebow takeover?

Yes, it's happening again, people ... Jeff Darlington believes Tim Tebow is already influencing the Jets' depth chart. **More ...** has been selling a green T-shirt that says "My Jesus," riffing on Jets quarterback Tim Tebow's outspoken Christian faith and the team's logo.

The league has already sent the maker,, a cease-and-desist order last week and will seek legal action if the company does not comply, the website said.

Tebow has already pursued the matter, having his attorney send a cease-and-desist letter to alleging that the shirt makes it appear that the quarterback endorses the company.

"We are artists and have no desire to trespass on anyone's legitimate intellectual property rights, but we also will not roll over and sacrifice ours," said in a e-mailed statement to The Associated Press over the weekend.

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