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Report: NFL evaluator describes draft QBs as 'crappy'

The 2013 NFL Draft quarterback class continues to take its lumps. There is little faith in the quality of this group with five days remaining before the event.

"I think two will (go) in the first round," one personnel man told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Bob McGinn. "People will reach on Geno Smith, Matt Barkley. But I don't think there's a first-round quarterback in the bunch."

That's the situation. There might not be first-round talent in the group, but Smith surely will be called on Day 1. Barkley and/or Florida State's EJ Manuel could sneak in, too. Smith received 11 first-place votes in a Journal Sentinel poll of 16 scouts to name the top-five picks. A first-place vote was worth five points while a fifth-place vote was worth only one point.

The poll results: Smith (74 points), Barkley (58, three firsts), Manuel (35, two firsts), Mike Glennon (28), Ryan Nassib (22), Landry Jones (six), Tyler Wilson (six), Tyler Bray (four) Matt Scott (three) and Zac Dysert (two).

"Geno is the only one you've got a chance to get a starter," an NFC personnel chief told McGinn. "After Geno, Nassib and Barkley, the rest are just bad."

Another NFC evaluator said, "I think they're all bad. It's such a crappy group. You look at them, is anyone sold on any of these guys?"

Ouch. That wasn't the end.

"Man, I'm glad I don't have to draft a quarterback," one personnel director said. "These are a bunch of guys as far as I'm concerned. If you're starting one of them, it's because you had nobody else.

"None of these guys took their teams to the next level. None of these guys won anything. Each one has his own characteristics, but none of them are good enough to be starters."

Not sure what else to say after those evaluations. In honor of Rick James, we'll just call that a little cold-blooded.

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