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Report: Mike Shanahan almost left Redskins in 2012

Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins are fighting battles on multiple fronts these days. On Sunday, they will try to stop a four-game losing streak against Kansas City.

The more interesting back-and-forth is taking place through the media.

ESPN's Dan Graziano reports that Shanahan was so upset with owner Dan Snyder last January that the coach cleaned out his office before the team's playoff loss to the Seahawks. Shanahan didn't comment to ESPN about the story.

"That story is ridiculous," Redskins spokesman Tony Wylie said.

The focus on Shanahan and Robert Griffin III in recent weeks has been withering. Griffin's leadership has come into question, with Shanahan quickly defending his quarterback. Griffin's relationship with his coach also has been a topic going back to the offseason, but Graziano paints a far deeper issue between the coach and his owner.

"The source said Shanahan had grown tired of the way Snyder empowered Griffin and openly esteemed him above all other players," Graziano wrote. "Shanahan didn't blame Griffin but did blame Snyder for creating an atmosphere that Shanahan did not believe was conducive to winning. Shanahan privately told people close to him that he felt Snyder's behavior with regard to Griffin was a 'complete farce.'"

Shanahan reportedly felt this way during a playoff season. And his relationship with Snyder has been tested throughout this miserable season.

NFL Media's Jeff Darlington reported Sunday via a team source says Snyder is "pissed" with the current state of the organization, and some members of the staff are bracing for Mike Shanahan's firing to happen later Sunday night.

There are questions from members of the Redskins' organization concerning the timing of ESPN's report, according to The Washington Post.

Redskins officials reportedly have wondered if Shanahan is hopeful of leaving the Redskins in order to be a head coaching candidate for the Houston Texans. You know a relationship has turned irreparably ugly when the Redskins are wondering if their coach is trying to get fired. 

The end is rarely pretty for coaches in the nation's capital. These stories and Sunday's game make it hard to imagine Shanahan remaining with the Redskins for much longer.

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