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Report: John Skelton favored to start over Kevin Kolb

The Arizona Cardinals announced this week that Kevin Kolb would start the team's third preseason game. After two woeful outings and coach Ken Whisenhuntadmitting he found his quarterbacks inability to pull the trigger "frustrating," Kolb figured to be under a lot of pressure.

So let's add some more to it.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported Tuesday that John Skeltonnow is considered the favorite to start in Arizona. Skelton had a number of disadvantages coming in to training camp. He makes far less money, went to Fordham, and didn't cost a boatload of draft picks to acquire.

Whisenhunt told Darren Urban of the team's official website that he was aware of the report, but the coach declined to change the Cardinals' stance on their quarterback battle.

"We're sticking to what we said, which is sticking with the process and let it play itself out," Whisenhunt told Urban. "I haven't gotten into thinking about favorites and longshots."

Skelton hasn't lit the world on fire, but Kolb's struggles to maintain composure in the pocket continue to haunt him. He's also battled a minor rib injury.

This battle isn't over yet. If Kolb excels in the next preseason game and Skelton struggles, the former Philadelphia Eagle might be back in the running. If Kolb struggles again, however, he might not start another game for a while.

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