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Report: Del Rio worked shorter days before firing by Jags

Jack Del Riolost his job as the Jaguars' coach Tuesday, but he might have lost his passion for the gig long before that. cited sources in reporting that Del Rio had been coming into the office this season at around 9 a.m. most days and leaving early. The lack of drive, according to the report, was a residual effect of the five-year contract extension that Del Rio signed in 2008.

Del Rio's tardiness became a joke around the office, with some staff members noting the time he strolled in for work.

Arriving at 9 a.m. is acceptable in many work situations, but the NFL is a different beast. Del Rio's work hours irked both his staff and a front office that had given him a win-or-else ultimatum entering the season.

This is an egregious insult to injury for Del Rio, who doesn't need the tag of complacency attached to him as he moves forward with his career. If the report is true, Del Rio essentially is the anti-Andy Reid, who supposedly was working up to 22 hours per day this season to get the Eagles back on track.

The lack of success for either team blew up our planned morality lesson that people who work hard always are rewarded. Look away, children.

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