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Report: Darrelle Revis worth first-round pick to Bucs

We wrote about the potential Darrelle Revis trade earlier Thursday, opining that a deal still looks rather likely to happen. We feel a lot better about that prediction after reading the latest from's Peter King.

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A source "close to the negotiations" between the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tells King that the Bucs likely would be willing to give their first- and second-round picks in the 2014 NFL Draft for Revis. The Jets are expected to get no less than first- and third-round picks in a possible deal, according to King.

The holdup, apparently, concerns what year the draft picks come in. King reports the Jets want the Bucs' first-round pick this year, which is No. 13 overall. The Bucs apparently are pushing for next year's first-round pick, knowing the Jets have no other serious suitors.

"Tampa Bay is the only serious bidder for Revis," King wrote. "The ball is in the Jets' court on what to do next. And the Bucs aren't going to go much further, if at all, to try to get Revis."

The Jets should be thrilled they have a taker. They only have Revis for one more season. The only scenario in which this falls apart is if the Bucs got so tired of the Jets' trade stance that they move on and sign Brent Grimes in free agency. That seems unlikely at this point.

Both King and the New York Daily News indicate that the Bucs are willing to pay Revis big money. They are willing to give up valuable picks. They clearly want Revis. It shouldn't be that hard to settle on what the picks are before the NFL draft.

Even the Jets couldn't screw this up.

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