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Report: Colts 'seriously still considering' Griffin

Though Andrew Luck remains the consensus No. 1 pick in this month's draft, one notable media personality says the Indianapolis Colts' decision is far from made.

During a guest spot on Tony Kornheiser's ESPN Radio show, Wilbon said recent conversations with people close to the team raise the possibility Robert Griffin III could go No. 1.

"By the way, I will tell you this," Wilbon said, mid-rant, according to The Washington Post. "It's not like I'm following this closely, but I had the occasion over the weekend to talk to a couple of people who have intimate knowledge of what the Colts are thinking. And you and I have talked very briefly on the show about are they still considering RGIII? Tony, I'm told they are.

"And I'm told that the main reason they are is because there are people in the organization and people they consult -- and now you consult all these different people about something as important as a No. 1 overall draft pick, a maybe once-in-a-generation pick. And they are of the opinion, some people that are having input into this pick, that RG3 is better in the pocket."

And finally ...

"They have stats, they have analysis, they have information that says to them it's Luck who is faster to leave the pocket and not be as good in the pocket," Wilbon said. "And RG3 is better in the pocket, he's a better pocket passer, better arm. And that they are seriously still considering RG3."

Wilbon is a big Griffin guy, and has been saying for weeks on "Pardon The Interruption" that people would be wise not to assume Luck will go first. So factor that into his comments. Then again, isn't it at least remotely possible Jim Irsay could pull a fast one here? Wouldn't he live for that type of seismic moment?

Afterward, he'd tell us he planted a hidden message in a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tweet from the night before the draft. You're telling me this reality isn't possible?

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