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Reggie Bush's Detroit Lions debut was 'Faulk-esque'

I pointed out in Wednesday's film-review segment of the "Around The League Podcast" that Reggie Bush looked better in Week 1 for the Detroit Lions than he has since his Heisman Trophy days at USC.

Bush's 25-touch, 191-yard performance against the Minnesota Vikings was impressive enough to wipe away seven years of relative disappointment in the estimation of NFL Media's Marshall Faulk.

"I told somebody if you ever mention Reggie Bush and me ever again, I'll smack you in the mouth," the Hall of Fame running back said Thursday on "The M & M Podcast". "I would have to take that smack back. This performance was Marshall Faulk-esque. I watched him play, and I was kind of like, 'That's how I played.' It was fun to watch Reggie on a roll. ... It was impressive. I hope he can stay healthy. If he can stay healthy, they have a shot at the division title."

Whereas the unimaginative Miami Dolphins coaching staff saddled up Bush as an ill-suited plow horse between the tackles, Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan has devised creative ways to take advantage of his new toy's speed, agility and versatility in space.

Bush is such a perfect match for the Lions' offense because there's no better space creator than Calvin Johnson, who draws anywhere from double coverage to gunnercoverage on a regular basis.

In one three-play sequence early in the game, Linehan dialed up a bubble screen with Bush set wide, a slant with Bush in the slot and a 29-yard screen pass to Joique Bell with Bush as an in-motion decoy.

Although Linehan's deployment maximizes Bush's potential, it was the return of the running back's freakish speed on the Ford Field turf that was the most promising sign for a Lions offense that has sorely missed Jahvid Best the past year and a half.

The way Bush beat the angles to outrun defenders on his 77-yard touchdown reception (video to the right) had to leave Faulk reminiscing about his own Greatest Show on Turf days.

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