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Reggie Bush: 'Hard Knocks' didn't help Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush had a starring role in the seventh season of "Hard Knocks" this summer. That doesn't mean he's going to sugarcoat the HBO reality show's effect on his team.

"I don't think it helped us," Bush said Wednesday, via Jane MacManus of ESPN New York. "It's a great show and I think it did a great job of capturing just what it takes to be in the NFL and go through an NFL season and training camp and the business side of things and the sports side of things. I think that's great for fans. As football players, I don't think it makes or breaks us."

We've all been in a position where a video camera is pointed at us and we're suddenly not acting like ourselves. Bush said it was no different at Dolphins training camp.

"I think a lot of guys would probably prefer not to have the show around because then you have to watch what you say and how you act, and speak differently and walk differently," he said. "Especially in this day and age you never know, especially when there are cameras around, what kinds of things get out there, so you just want to err on the side of caution."

We don't want to live in a world where "Hard Knocks" doesn't exist. Unfortunately, we can't shake the feeling teams will eventually be scared off by the intense access the show demands.

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