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Reggie Bush benching has Rodney Harrison fuming

Reggie Bush seemed to understand why Joe Philbin benched him following a first-quarter fumble in Sunday's 37-3 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Bush tweeted an apology to "Dolphin Nation" for his recent performance, and told a reporter from The Miami Herald he "didn't deserve to be back in there."

Turn the page and move on, right? Not so fast. NBC analyst Rodney Harrison wants you to know Philbin was out of line to discipline Miami's most visible star.

"I sit back and I watch Reggie Bush play, like the rest of these young men each and every week," Harrison said Tuesday on WMEN-AM in Miami. "This kid works hard, he plays extremely hard. And for the life of me, a guy that plays that hard, that puts it on the line for you each and every week, for you to make a statement and take him out of the game; if I'm a guy in the locker room I'm looking at him like, 'Coach, you've to be the biggest idiot in the country to do something like that.'"

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Harrison wasn't done.

"And I was very, very disturbed about that. You can make a statement on a stupid penalty, like (Richie) Incognito had, but you don't make a statement to Reggie Bush, who plays his butt off each and every week. That's when you start losing the locker room. That's just crazy to me."

Philbin likely benched Bush, at least in part, to send a message to his young team. This is Philbin's right as the head coach.

Harrison also has the right to share his opinion, though we're not sold this is the travesty he believes it to be.

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