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Referees are back, so let's talk football again

The football world has never beeen so happy to see Ed Hochuli's guns again.

The end of the the lockout for game officials is welcome news in all corners of the football universe. The eight-year deal means we won't have to hear about the topic again for a long time.

Reached by our own Jeff Darlington for a reaction, Hochuli himself said, "Why does it matter if I have a reaction?"

That's how I feel. In times like this, Around the League generally reacts to big news. We try to put the news in context or help figure out what it means. But there's only one possible reaction to this news: It's great. What else is there to say?

The news is a relief. It's overdue. It will return the focus back to football, the game we all love so much.

I could break down the officials' new pension benefits or the training system the NFL installed. But that just takes time away from breaking down the Browns and Ravens tonight or the Eagles and Giants on Sunday night.

The level of officiating should quickly return to a professional level. The Hail Mary controversy from Monday night will live in infamy, but it won't be repeated this week.

We've all read, talked, and written enough about officials for one season. Now we can talk about football.

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