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Redskins should take suggestions on new nickname

Each week, Dan Hanzus sifts through the pro football landscape to bring you sublime subplots of NFL life. Some of it he loves. Some he does not. Other stuff, he can't quite decide. The ATL Buzz Report.


1. Terrelle Time!

Carson Palmer is a now quarterback on a tomorrow team. The Raiders should take a cue from their neighbors in San Fran and take a chance on the kid.

2. "James, can we talk?"

James Harrison on your dodgeball team seems like a great idea. But what if he stinks? Do you want to be the coach that has to tell him he's benched?

3. Norsemania lives

We loved the Vikings' big announcement on "reduced logo height." We also love that the Norseman is (maybe) two revamps away from 1980s Hulk Hogan.

4. Gronk gets funny

Is there any chance -- any chance at all -- that Gronk's "Sorry For Partying" tank top came from someone other than one of his giant brothers? Didn't think so.

5. Faint praise much?

The Jaguars' QB coach believes Blaine Gabbert would be the first passer taken in this year's draft. Geno Smith already has filed a lawsuit for gross slander.

6. Brainstorming for D.C.

They continue to put up a (strange) fight, but the 'Skins eventually will change their nickname. How about the Washington Humans? (h/t "Community")

7. Nice knowing ya, Titus

When the Rams shock the world and win Super Bowl XLVIII in a blizzard next February, do Titus Young and Rob Ryan get rings? You can make a case. Not really.

8. Make it stop!

Prediction for Worst Thing Of The Offseason? Six straight months of speculation about who will call the plays for the Cowboys. Jason Garrett undoubtedly will agree.


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