Redskins propose rule change to opt out of Color Rush

Here's the thing about the Color Rush uniforms we've seen on Thursday Night Football: Like 'em or not, they move the needle.

This is not to say I personally support the ostentatiously designed duds. After all, they are the first uniforms in NFL history to wipe out an entire segment of their viewing audience simply by existing. That is an unquestionable design flaw.

That said, they do get people talking, and I suppose the shadowy league figures on Park Avenue take solace in that, even if many of the reviews have been less than flattering.

The Washington Redskins -- no stranger to uniform controversy -- don't care. Tucked into a large group of potential rule change proposals released by the league on Thursday is a proposal by the 'Skins to opt out of Color Rush forever. Forget that the team has never had to actually play in a game wearing Color Rush threads (at least not yet). Their one-word explanation for the rule change is a perfect example how sometimes one thousands words are unnecessary when one can just as effectively drop the hammer.

Damn, I love that word.

The Redskins are really feeling themselves in this rules proposal PDF, by the way.

I love this one. Thanks to the 2011 rule change that moved kickoffs to the 35-yard line, we are seeing more touchbacks than ever. That's led to talk that kickoffs should be eliminated altogether -- a poisonous thought for purists out there. Adding this wrinkle would put a little bit of sizzle back in the play.

More fun please.

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