Colorblind fans struggle to watch 'Color Rush' game


Thursday night's matchup included the Jets and Bills in brand new "Color Rush" uniforms from Nike. They just forgot about all of us colorblind folks out there.

When Ryan Fitzpatrick threw his first pass of the night, it looked to me like two different Jets teammates went for the ball. Then I realized all 22 players just looked like they played for the same team. The issue in the Bills' 22-17 win over the Jets was exacerbated on the green playing field, especially when the camera was far from the action during live plays. (It's less of a problem on replays.)

I wasn't the only one to be overwhelmed by this Christmas-tinged nightmare.

Being colorblind is not a particularly rare (or taxing) affliction. Roughly eight percent of all men are believed to be colorblind, a group that includes Vinny Testaverde and Roger Staubach. Let's just hope neither on Thursday night have the same issue.