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Redskins' Orakpo says Romo praise blown out of proportion

For everyone who can't shut up about Tony Romo being a hero -- and there seems to be plenty of folks right about now -- Brian Orakpo would like you to take it down a notch.

Yes, the Cowboys quarterback played through a broken rib and punctured lung in Monday night's 18-16 win over the Redskins. And, yes, a broken rib and punctured lung sound excruciatingly painful.

But enough already, says Orakpo.

"To me, they blown it way out of proportion," the Redskins' linebacker said Tuesday on ESPN 980-AM via The Washington Post. "I mean, they tried to make it seem like the guy was hospitalized the night before the game, just so we could build it up if they was to win the game.

"Oh, he's a courageous player to go out there and play. The guy was playing just like Tony Romo, running around, making throws. He got hit throughout the whole game and still getting up. I mean, it was blown way out of proportion, but it is what it is."

Come to think of it, Orakpo brings up somewhat of a good point. It's not like Romo played exceptionally well, posting a pedestrian stat line (22 of 36 for 255 passing yards, one interception and no touchdowns). It took six Dan Bailey field goals and a last-minute defensive stop for Dallas to gut out the victory.

So while Romo deserves credit for fighting through the pain -- and for completing a key 30-yard pass to Dez Bryant late in the fourth quarter -- we can certainly understand Orakpo's point of view.

At least to some degree.

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