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Redskins fans want Kerrigan to go with 'the flow'

The following drama surrounds an NFL player's haircut. Be advised.

There's a rumbling in some circles. A disturbance. An uprising among Washington Redskins fans urging rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan to rethink an unfortunate styling decision they want reversed.

When the Purdue prospect hit the NFL Scouting Combine last February, his raw talent caused a stir -- but not compared with the ferocious mop atop his head.

It was tagged "the flow," but Kerrigan went and chopped it before April's draft, generating a frantic line of questions.

"Y'know, It was just time," Kerrigan said after Washington picked him 16th overall. "There comes a time where you've just gotta part with some things, and the hair was that for me. It was too long, and it's nice not to have something hanging in your face all day long. I mean, I loved the long hair, but I'm glad it's gone."

Others aren't pleased at all, and the grassroots movement is growing, with readers at overwhelmingly voting in favor of "growing the flow."

"I dunno, man, I'm kind of in this awkward in-between stage right now," Kerrigan said of the cut, leaving the affair open-ended and a fan base left waiting.

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