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Redskins fans cruising town with anti-Cowboys plates

We haven't seen the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Redskins rivalry reach fever pitch in many moons. With the Cowboys a Super Bowl no-show since January 1996 and the Redskins missing out since January 1992, the list of recent, season-defining games between these old enemies is a short one.

None of this matters to the passionate, grudge-bearing fans who follow these two franchises. Their ire for one another is now spilling onto our nation's roadways in form of license-plate hate.

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The Baltimore Sun recently pointed out phrases that aren't allowed on Maryland license plates (For instance, "FBI" and "CIA" are forbidden, along with perceived references to hardcore drugs. Other no-nos include: "PIMP," "CHUMP," "TOILET" "BUNS" and "SAFESEX.")

The Washington Post discovered a hazy corner of the rulebook in the form of Redskins fans driving around the mean streets of D.C./Maryland/Virginia with a flurry of vanity plates that take potshots at the Cowboys.

Just one example: A reader sent in a photo of "CWBYSUK," which was accepted by Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration without any hassle whatsoever.

MVA spokesman Philip Dacey told The Sun that department employees employ personal judgment to rule on "gray area" vanity plates. Expressions viewed as "more of a statement, just a personal view of the world" stand a chance of being approved, Dacey told the newspaper.

Would this have been green-lit in Dallas-Fort Worth? We'll never know.

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