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Readers vote for their most underrated player in NFL

So the powerful wizards behind the NFL's social media accounts asked a simple question on Tuesday: Who is the most underrated player in the NFL?

The question pairs nicely with Elliot's Harrison's "All-Underrated Team," a squad that makes a lot of sense. Our readers are a different matter. To the results, from 6,586 users on Facebook:

  1. Tim Tebow: 15.1%
    1. Tony Romo: 13%
    2. Von Miller: 7.6%
    3. Matt Ryan: 7.1%
    4. Russell Wilson: 6.9%
    5. Alex Smith: 5.5%
    6. Joe Flacco: 5.5%
    7. Cam Newton: 4.8%
    8. Tom Brady: 4.2%
    9. Steven Jackson: 3.9%

Yeah, I'm speechless. The results were so surprising that our crack staff re-checked the results many times. Tim Tebow is a lot of things, but "underrated" as a player is not the first one that comes to mind. My strong guess: Tebow and Romo also would land near the top of many "overrated" lists. (For the record, I like seeing Romo so high. He's been knocked too much. He'd have a lot more playoff success if he played for a different organization.)

Let's go to the Twitter results:

The lesson, as always: Twitter users are a lot smarter than Facebook users on average. Sean Lee is an inspired choice to be third. Roethlisberger absolutely belongs so high; he didn't even make the Facebook list. Fletcher, Ridley and Colston also were nice choices.

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