Ravens to wear helmets with 'PBM' in honor of Pat Modell

The Ravens will honor the late Pat Modell, the wife of former Baltimore and Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell, on Sunday against the Houston Texans with a decal bearing the initials "PBM" on the backs of their helmets.

The initials stand for Patricia Breslin Modell, who died Wednesday. The Ravens will also pay tribute to Modell with a moment of silence before the National Anthem.

"Spending time with Pat was always special," Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said in a statement. "Renee and I loved everything about her. There was a spark about Pat that was visible. She lit up a room when she entered. Conversations and dinners with her were electric and exciting. She made you feel good by being with her. And, the love she and Art had for each other.

" ... We've talked about it, and it was inspiring. Art and Pat bragged about each other, delighted in each other's company. Their love was so visible. We already miss her terribly, and our thoughts and prayers are with Art and his family."

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