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Ravens' Rice expects to get more touches vs. Cardinals

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice doesn't expect his performance in Monday night's disaster in Jacksonville to happen again anytime soon.

No, he didn't walk into offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's office and demand more touches, but nevertheless, Rice is confident he won't be limited to only eight carries Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

"I definitely expect to be more involved," Rice told the Carroll County Times in Friday's edition. "My involvement with this offense hasn't changed since the beginning of the season, I don't want Cam and them to feel like they've got to force me the ball. I'm not that kind of guy. My carries come when the whole offense has success. I look forward to having that success.

"We're not going to ignore the fact it happened. We didn't execute I don't want to make it seem like I'm begging for carries. At the same time, I do know when we're getting first downs I touch the ball."

Rice's involvement -- or lack thereof -- in the Ravens' offense against the Jaguars has been the subject of much contention this week. Linebacker Terrell Suggs publicly blasted the Ravens' offensive gameplan, saying that the number of Rice's touches baffled him. Coach John Harbaughlater agreed with his outspoken linebacker's assessment.

The Times reported Rice's eight carries for 28 yards marked his lowest output since an Oct. 3, 2010, game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rice struggled to hold onto the ball throughout the loss, losing one fumble, and he spent a long stretch of the game on the sidelines.

Rice, who has 426 yards on 97 carries with two touchdowns this season, said he was not benched nor did he get into a confrontation with running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery.

"I was just trying to find a groove. I was not taken out," Rice told the Times. "Me and Wilbert Montgomery did not get into any altercation. I was in those series. We were just trying to find a groove. There was no play-calling issues, there were no issues on the sideline."

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