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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson tweets he turned down three-year, $133 million fully guaranteed contract

Lamar Jackson has broken the silence regarding his contract negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens.

The former MVP quarterback responded Tuesday on Twitter to a report regarding one of the contract offers:

Jackson added: "People throw (poop emoji) at the wall and hope it stick."

What is unclear from Jackson's tweet is the actual parameters of the three-year, $133 million fully guaranteed offer. Was it part of a larger deal? A short-term solution from the Ravens?

NFL Network Insider Mike Garafolo reported on Free Agency Frenzy that, based on his understanding, the $133 million fully guaranteed was part of a more extensive five-year offer, meaning there were other non-guaranteed years on top.

The assumption has been that Jackson is seeking a contract in the general vicinity of the five-year, $230 million fully guaranteed deal Deshaun Watson received from the Cleveland Browns last year. If true, the three-year pact falls short of that fully guaranteed figure.

Despite consternation surrounding Jackson's decision not to hire an agent, the QB's Tuesday tweet also reiterates he has no plans to change course.

A lot of air time and ink will be spent questioning how Jackson has handled his negotiations over the past several years, with many believing the two sides could have gotten an extension done already -- as draft-mate Josh Allen did in 2021. That's all in the past. That potential income is unrecoverable. The question is how this situation unfolds moving forward.

Will Jackson play on the $32.416 million franchise tag? Could he actually sit out to avoid that prospect, à la Le'Veon Bell? Could the sides finally find common ground on a multi-year deal before the July 17 deadline? Will another club make him an offer he deems worthy? Would the Ravens match that offer or take two first-round draft picks?

Those are all questions that likely won't have answers anytime soon. In the interim, speculation will run rampant.

Jackson can officially begin speaking with other teams when the new league year opens on Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET.

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