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Ravens' Opening Day slam of Orioles draws fire

The Baltimore Ravens have kicked a man while he's down.

The man, in this scenario, is the Baltimore Orioles, their neighbor and the city's once-proud MLB team that hasn't enjoyed a winning season since 1997.

The Ravens hit town in 1996, and have won over many hearts since. But now they're just bragging.

Just before the start of the Orioles' Opening Day win over the Minnesota Twins, the Ravens posted an image of sunny M&T Bank Stadium on their official Facebook page, along with the following statement to one million-plus followers:

"Raise your hand if you'd rather be cheering in THIS stadium than a baseball stadium today!"

Reaction was all over the map. Some dug it. Others suggested the Ravens -- or the character who runs their Facebook feed had crossed the line. (CUT TO: 21-year-old intern dressed head-to-toe in purple, "The Smiths" playing the background, half-eaten ham sandwich on the table -- OZZIE NEWSOME ON LINE 2 ... )

Some of the comments, per The Baltimore Sun:

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"not gonna lie, i kinda am disgusted (by) this post. Two teams of the same city should not be against each other. I will not raise my hand because I support my O's. I'll raise my hand when football season comes around. This post is just shameful."

"lol kinda a (expletive) thing to say on opening day but yes I would rather be watching ravens."

Don't bother looking for it on their overly noisy Facebook setup. The team pulled it down and released the following: "We made a mistake and we have apologized to the Orioles. In no way did we mean to disrespect the Orioles."

We will follow this closely.

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